New Products

AJI FRY (Breaded Horse Mackerel)

(Deep Fry)

Prime and succulent Horse Mackerel are individually butterflied and coated in Breadcrumbs.


Squid Cake mixed with Edamame

(Deep Fry, Steam, Boil, Pan Fry)

Deep fry from frozen in slices or as a whole Squid cake.

Use for a variety of recipes or simply enjoy with Soy Sauce and Grated Ginger.


Japanese Style Cabbage Ball (Seafood & Tofu)


Mackerel and Vegetables combined with Tofu and Squid Surimi wrapped individually by hand in Cabbage leaves. Flavoured with Bonito and Seaweed Stocks and Tamari Soy sauce. No artificial flavours are used.

Microwave for a healthy and easy meal. Serve with soup or enjoy with your choice of sauce.